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Please pack the following items for your infant child:

• Diapers and Wipes

• 2 sets of clothing

• All meals and snacks

• Any blankets, toys, and pacifiers that make your child feel safe and secure (include extras in case of an accident or if something is forgotten at home)

• Creams and lotions

• Pack & Play sheet and sleep sack

It is important that you label all of your child's belongings because  other children may have the same items and sometimes they can get mixed up throughout the day.

Parents are asked to provide all food and formula for infants. Bottles and food should be pre-made and ready to serve with the exception of formula bottles. Since EED regulations prohibit us from using water warmed in the microwave to heat up your child's bottles, it is easier to serve them at room temperature. We ask that parents provide pre-measured formula in a container (you can find them at Walmart, Target, or Babies R Us) along with baby bottles filled with the desired amount of water. We will mix the bottle for your child and serve at room temperature when it is time for them to eat. We cannot measure the formula for you; it must be pre-measured for each bottle. Once your infant is ready for more solid foods, they may be able to participate in the center's healthy snacks. A menu is provided monthl for parents to review.

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